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Maier, Dr., Martin

Department: Boden und Umwelt
Telephone: 0761 / 4018 - 176
E-mail: Martin.Maier


 Curriculum Vitae

2001 - 2007Diploma studies of Forest Science, University of Freiburg
2008 - 2011PhD candidate at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Chair od Soil Science and Forest Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Hildebrand.Title of Thesis “Short and-mid-term variability of CO2 storage and CO2 fluxes in the soil”
2013  Post-Doc research project (DAAD scholarship) at INRA Nancy, Mixed Unit Forest-Eco-Physiologie with André Granier and Bernard Longdoz.
2013 - 2017Post-Doc Researcher at the cair of Soil Ecology (Prof. Lang) at the University of Freiburg


 Work Undertaken in Commissions, on Advisory Boards, etc.

2010  Memeber of the Soil Science Society of Germany
2011  member of the European Geoscience Union (EGU)
2013 - 2017Vice chairman of the work group soil gases of the German Soil Science Society
2015 - 2017Session Convener at the General Assembly der European Geoscience Union.
2018  Mitglied Gutachterausschuss Forstliche Analytik



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